What is Neapolitan Pizza?

A Neapolitan Pizza is a wood fired pizza cooked at 800-900 degrees in 60-90 seconds. The oven has a small mouth and a low dome. With the high heat and the special dimensions of the oven, the pizza is able to bake properly in such a short period of time.

Unlike American pizza crusts which are usually crispy, the Neapolitan crust is soft and chewy. Pizza in Naples is very soft, the version made in the USA is slightly less soft. The specific flour used in Neapolitan Pizza is called “OO” flour which is a finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives.

The History

It is the Neapolitan Pizza that originally gave birth to the American Pizza when the Italian immigrants brought it over with them. Eventually it evolved into many different styles in different parts of the country. However in southern Italy the Pizza has not changed in over 100 years. So Neapolitan pizza can never be considered trendy as it is the original pizza.

Pizza Napoletana originated in Naples and has roots going back to the 1600’s. The origins are Greek and Egyptian. Until the 19th century Pizza was sold in the streets. The first Neapolitan Pizzeria was founded in 1830 in Naples. It was called Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba which is still open today. Originally there were only two pizzas, the “Marinara” and the “Margherita.”

The Marinara is older and has a topping of tomato sauce, oregano, garlic and olive oil. It was traditional prepared by the fisherman’s wives to give to them when they returned from the sea.

The Margherita was born in 1889 when the queen visited Naples and preferred the Pizza prepared for her that had the colors of the Italian Flag. The Pizza was named in her honor.

At Pizzeoli, we honor that tradition by making the highest quality pizza cooked in the traditional way with some slight modifications for American tastes.