7 Ways to Support Pizzeoli Right Now

7 Ways to Support PIzzeoli

Pizzeoli is currently in the process of learning how to shift into a new way of doing business for the season at hand. We are moving from an 80% Dine-In model to a 100% Pickup/Delivery model. We feel a serious sense of commitment when practicing the guidelines set forth for us to follow; we care about you and our community! Thank you for caring about us, too! Our heart’s desire is to make the best decisions we know how to make in order to survive and thrive in this unprecedented period of time. THANK YOU for partnering with us during this journey! Here are some ways you can support Pizzeoli or help positively impact any of your other favorite restaurants:

  1. Place a Carryout or Delivery Order with Pizzeoli

    Here’s how you can place an order:

    • Click Here to place a Pickup or Delivery order through our website! (recommended)
    • Call 314-449-1111 to place a pickup order
    • Use a third party app like Postmates to place a delivery order
  2. Buy a Gift Card for Someone You Love

    You can purchase gift cards in one of two ways: online or in-store. Click here to learn more.

  3. Make a Reservation for a Future Event – (This Feature May Currently Be Unavailable via Yelp)

    Reservations are incredibly helpful to us. It helps us schedule our staff appropriately in advance. It allows us to orchestrate a better experience for our guests. If you have a birthday, anniversary, date, ladies night, or anything else to celebrate, please click here so we can save you a spot.

  4. Sign Up for Exclusive Discounts

    If you want the kind of specials that only our biggest supporters receive, then it would be a very wise decision to join our newsletter. We send out all kinds of sweet deals to our regulars that are not advertised anywhere else. Click here to get access to the inside, you little VIP, you!

  5. Tip a Restaurant Worker

    There are approximately 98,000 restaurant workers in the St. Louis area and our staff has definitely been impacted by the current state of the economy due to COVID-19 with a significant reduction of hours. We have already witnessed the amazing generosity of our regulars through their ongoing weekly support to make sure we survive as a restaurant. Beyond that, we have had requests to set up a a Digital Tip Jar for our staff and that’s just what we did! Click here if you would like to send a tip to someone from our team.

  6. Leave a Review

    We cannot even begin to tell you how appreciative we are when our Pizza Fam leave us kind reviews. This really helps those touring St. Louis to find us and share in the pizza experience we love to give. THANK YOU!

  7. Tell a Friend

    Whether it’s sharing a story of your order on Instagram or telling your loved ones about the your favorite pizza at Pizzeoli, we appreciate your support by spreading the word! Your friends and family trust your opinion and we would love to have the opportunity to show them why they should always listen to you! 🙂

Thank you so much for your continued support through all of this! We feel so grateful for having the pizza fam that we have! Y’all make this experience such a blessing, even in the tougher times!